Colorado Musicians To Bern Up Denver With BERNFest on Super Tuesday

Words by Sarah Bourque
Published April 25, 2016

On Super Tuesday, April 26th, The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado will experience a Bernie Sanders fundraising effort of musical proportions. Known as the Colorado BERNFest, this grassroots event is being spearheaded by local musician, Devon Parker. The whole idea came about when friends of hers in New Orleans held a similar event. On March 2nd, Parker put out the call to see if anyone would be interested in being involved. The responses she received were staggering.

With over 50 bands, artists, activists, speakers, and sound engineers responding with interest, the need for an event to be organized could not be ignored. Once the venue was found, the line-up was put together. Political speakers, local bands, and individuals running for office will be part of tomorrow’s Bernfestfestivities. In addition, portraits of Sanders will be painted by artists throughout the evening, and then put up for auction. Live updates on primary results will continuously be announced. Parker went on to say, “I hope that the more we can come together to create, inspire and empower people to participate in the political process, the greater an impact we can have on the world as a whole.”

Bands scheduled to perform include The Motet, members of The Samples, and Tiger Party, just to name a few. We caught up with one of the musicians involved to find out why so many bands may have responded. Guitarist Pete Pidgeon, of Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda, quickly became involved. He was immediately made an advisor and created the event’s production schedule. He wanted to be a part of this, which most likely speaks of all musicians who are part of the project, because he believes “fervently in what Sanders stands for and his desire to change our corrupt and elitist government. I’ve never seen a candidate who speaks so honestly and can back up his positions with decades of proof.”

With so many artists, speakers, bands, and politicians a part of this event, the goal is to not only raise as much money as possible for the Sanders campaign, but to let the public remain aware that Bernie is not out of the primary race. It’s a reminder to Americans to get out and vote in the remaining states. Pidgeon went on to say that, “We are asserting that the campaign is not only alive, and well, but flourishing in the face of overwhelming propaganda against him.”

Voter registration stations will also be set up. No pre-sale tickets are available. Donations are accepted at the door and 100% of contributions will go directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

For an incredible evening of music, speakers, and artists make sure not to miss this event. Full information regarding the Colorado BERNFest is available on the Oriental Theater website.