Frank Zappa Drummer Terry Bozzio To Release Several Unreleased Tracks

Words By Balarama Warner
Published January 23, 2017

Grammy winning drummer Terry Bozzio is set to release several tracks from two previously unreleased projects via digital download. Concept project ‘Simple Moments Series’ is being released through Bozzio’s website. Well known for his melodic drumming style, Bozzio has worked with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, UK, Missing Persons, Mick Jagger, Robbie Robertson, Alan Holdsworth, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, Quincy Jones, Ken Scott, Metropole Orkest, and more.

‘Simple Moments Series’ is a twelve track concept project which Bozzio explains “The concept was to name the ‘moment’. For example the track ‘Something to drive to’, then the title which is ‘Beck’.” Bozzio’s notes that accompany the tracks provide listeners with some interesting insight into the drummer’s creative process. For example, his notes for ‘Something strange: ‘Farm Bells”, he notes “I sampled nearby farming machinery: A plowing or tilling device with different sized steel discs and made a drum part out of it.”

‘Simple Moments Series’ Track List*:
1. Something to drive to: “Beck”
Burning Rock funk with Jeff Beck & Tony Hymas in mind.
2. Something to think about: “Re: Mussorgsky”
Neo Classical Piano Trio w/ Fretless Bass & My Drums. I improvised on live piano (poorly) then corrected and composed around that.
3. Something to dream about: “Midnight Waltz (1800s Vienna)”
Sentimentalism and mood evoking solo piano.
4. Something for a departed friend: “M (for Mick Karn)”
5. Something strange: “Farm Bells”
I sampled nearby farming machinery: A plowing or tilling device with different sized steel discs & made a drum part out of it. OutTrio inspired, semi-classical Guitar, Bass & Metal Drum piece.
6. Something to dance to: “Five Nations: Arise”
Recalls my Native American experience performing Tony Hymas’ “Oyate” project, from which sprung the Lonely Bears.
7. Something to gaze at: “Still Life”
A jazz piece I wrote while still in College! Explores different poly-chords over a pedal tone.
8-9. Something to take: “Two Endless Trails”
1- Persistance
2- Compassion & Hope
Orchestral Strings, with Bass & Drums. Mysterious Moods.
10. Something to go deep with: “Underwater”
Electronic, Submersive Ambience
11. Something that “Goes to 11”: “Eleven”
Several Harmonic Progressions in 11/4, w/ Piano & 12 String Guitar Solos.
*Bozzio’s notes in italic

Bozzio also has a second set of tracks set for release, ‘Terry Bozzio Solo Project 1991’, a project previously unfinished due to technical limitations of the era. Bozzio explains “I’ve never finished it over the years until now, because of technology problems, computer not fast enough to mix, midi and sync problems, and not enough track space to do overdubs, but I always liked the compositional approach to the drum parts! I look at it as a missing link between Guitar Shop, and Melodic Drumming and the Ostinato! The period after recording the drums included doing the Lonely Bears and Polytown and changing to Mapex, then DW as well… I’m still not finished with all the tracks, but I have four almost ready to go, and coming soon!”

Download tracks from Simple Moments Series and Terry Bozzio Solo Project 1991
Terry Bozzio

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