Fresh Art – August. Photographer David Novin Discusses ‘From Above’ Projects

Words by Erick Altimari
Published August 1, 2016

This month’s Fresh Art focuses on photographer David Novin. He’s a promising young artist taking the Denver area by storm with his unique photographic vision. Novin was kind enough to share some of what he and his art are all about for this month’s focus.

STS: Can you share a little about yourself?

David Novin: I’m David Novin, photographer based in Denver, Colorado. My specialties include concerts, weddings, portraits and my current project, Drums From Above, which I’m curating from the ground up.

STS: Where you were born and raised? Where did you go to school?

DN: I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Grew up in Ambler, PA, just thirty minutes away from Philadelphia. For high school, I went Wissahickon High School. College, I actually went first to a culinary school in Philly called The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. Acquired my associates degree in pastry arts, and worked for a year in various bakeries, hotels, and kitchens. Ended up losing my passion for cooking and became a stagehand at a super small music venue in Philly where I learned everything tech related. I stayed there for about 6 months before deciding to go back to school at Johnson & Wales University here in Denver, Colorado for Sports/Event/Entertainment Management.

STS: Do you have any interests related to your career as a photographer?

DN: I’ve always been curious about the life of a musician, and getting a chance to capture a show and all of the intricate moments leading up to show-time really allows me to feed that curiosity in an artistic and elegant way.

STS: How would you describe yourself as a photographer? What makes you unique?

DN: I try to add a touch of rustic tones to my photos to give it an old school look and feel. I absolutely love playing with empty space in photos, especially during a show. I feel like it allows the viewer of the photo to tell their own story based on the subject, be it the singer, or the drummer.

STS: What initially drew your interest to photography? What kept you motivated?

DN: As cliché as it sounds, Instagram. Pretty much when Instagram was released, I started taking photos with my phone and added an Olloclip to my iPhone 4. Being able to add filters to the photos piqued my interest even more.

STS: Where there any other photographers who inspired you and why?

DN: There were definitely many photographers who have inspired me along the way. The great ones like Jay Blakesberg, Joshua Timmermans, Michael Weintrob, and some local Denver based photographers like OnTheDL Photos, and Jason Siegel, just to name a few.

STS: In what ways do you connect music and photography?

DN: I think this question really resonates with my project, Drums From Above, in a symbiotic relationship. The photos capture not just the drum kit, but the posture of the drummer, the playing style of the drummer, and the personality of the drummer. There is a strong correlation between each, which paints the bigger picture of each drummers entire life.

STS: Can you talk a little about your current projects and how are they progressing?

DN: Sure, Drums From Above, Percussionists From Above, Keys From Above, Bands From Above, From Above Photo Booth, Cymbals For Change. Can you see the recurring theme? They’re each progressing to plan. I’m focusing on a few things right now with Drums From Above and taking it to venues, and securing a gallery location in Denver.

STS: What is important about the art of photography that you seek to explore in Drums from Above?

DN: I want people to get an understanding and feel the emotion behind Drums From Above and the entire From Above brand. Drums From Above

STS: How do you find the balance between paying commercial work and personal artistic projects?

DN: I don’t do commercial work as often as one would think so it has allowed me to focus on the From Above brand.

STS: What are your plans for the near future with your work?

DN: Opening up a fully immersive Drums From Above gallery where the From Above photos will be predominantly displayed on the floor so patrons can get the same perspective I had when taking the photos. They’ll also be fully immersed around each drummers photos to get the true experience.

For more information on David Novin, along with his Drums From Above project, please visit his official website.

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