Fresh Art – June 2016. A Conversation with Denver Artist, TiredPirate

Words by Erick Altimari
Published June 1, 2016

ShowTheShow sat down with TiredPirate, an artist based out of Denver, Colorado, for this month’s Fresh Art feature.

ShowTheShow: Is there any connection with your creative process and your experience with the Grateful Dead, as your Jerry Garcia paintings were first noticed?

TiredPirate: The Grateful Dead were a big inspiration to me as an artist. The idea of self expression and the opportunity to travel with a creative group of like minded family and enjoying a show at the end of each day intrigued me. I never got to have that experience on Dead tour but I got the chance to do it with Phish over the years. 542124_276802002415422_903515046_n


STS: Your artwork really reflected movement of paint in the imagery. Talk more about that.

TP: The movement within my paintings is a style I created when I was in high school study hall. I found that creating patterns with an almost water like feel helped relax a hyperactive younger me. I would see how close I could get other lines without touching yet maintaining the flow.

STS: Your style is very graphic, in a sense; almost reminiscent of street art. Talk about your evolution in style and how your art has changed.

TP: I used to paint simple ideas and abstract designs. It was something I did that kept my idle hands from meeting the devil. About 10 years ago, a friend of mine took me to see an exhibit about street art. After the show I thanked my friend for the experience and he informed me that we were there for other reasons. He had felt that who I was, was different than the art I was producing. He wanted to inspire me to become one with my art and leave my message out there whether it sells or not. I have held on to those principles ever since.

STS: Are there any modern figures who are currently having an influence on your style or content?

TP: I am a big fan of Ron English. He can do no wrong in my eyes regarding pop art. I think pop culture today, and moving forward, has entered an exciting new space. The influx of information, and social media outlets, have allowed so many more people to share creative thoughts to the world. People can create amazing videos and memes within seconds of a certain event happening.

STS: In what way is popular culture an important theme for you?

TP: My pop culture usage comes from a very personal space. My old video games, bands, and Star Wars, are all things I experienced during my childhood, so they continue to resonate with me today. 1175223_470881129674174_435029186_n

STS: What, if any, messages resonate with you that you seek to share in your art?

TP: Another side of my work is the idea of love, not in the traditional sense, but one’s right to keep all that you find sacred in your life. My “Love At All Cost” concept allows me to showcase my own personal and political beliefs through stickers that have been posted around the world to get the message out. I also do free original pieces that are placed around the country for folks to find, called the “Hidden HeART” project.

STS: Do you have any upcoming projects, or exhibitions, in the near future?

TP: As far as upcoming projects, Black Shirt Brewing and I have our fourth artist/brewery collaboration beer coming out next month. It’s called Love At All Cost Vol 3 and it’s solely a passion project to make good beer with a good message. Outside of that, getting ready to head off on Phish tour, and recharging the creative battery.

Please click here for more information regarding TiredPirate and his art.