In Memory Of Christina Grimmie, An Open Letter To The Music Community

All of us here at ShowTheShow have been deeply disturbed by the recent murder of Christina Grimmie that occurred in Florida on Friday night. Such a young, promising musician, who was working her way through the ranks, was shot to death by a 21 year old man, after she performed what was to be her last concert. The motive is unclear and the police investigation is ongoing. A concert is the last place people think a murder will happen. Being a part of the industry, this death hit a little too close to home, and we wanted to share our grief with the community that understands what we are going through.

Some of us have spent thousands of hours, or more, on stage playing and mingling with good people, becoming close with local and national musicians from a young age. Musicians are a family, regardless of genre. Not many people understand what it takes to be on a bus away from home, and everyone wanting to talk to you, while laying yourself out there through music, like you are naked. Being a musician is very much allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open in front of strangers and friends. The idea that someone would hurt a musician doesn’t make any sense, as they bring joy to others. This isn’t supposed to happen to them.

The selfless act of giving musical enjoyment to others all over the world is what makes musicians so special. Music feeds the soul and is there in times of joy, sadness, heartache, and love. It is ever present and surrounds everyone in a way that can’t be described in words. Every individual responds in their own unique way to music, whether it be in a mosh pit at a metal show, enjoying it on a festival field with a hula hoop, or just swaying back and forth to the beat, it is enjoyed by every soul on earth. A senseless act of murder that takes away that joy creates a ripple effect. Suddenly, and without warning, the music stops. There is no more dancing. There is no more joy. Again, this isn’t supposed to happen.

What happened on Friday has brought us to our knees. Why? WHY? Festivals bring thousands of people together, living and enjoying the days with each other, as a community. Concerts also bring large crowds of strangers who dance the night away, while enjoying a few hours of pure bliss and removing all thoughts of responsibility, such as bills, rent, and what needs to get done tomorrow.

Music can save people. A few lyrics in a song may be all that is needed to get through a tough day, or even a difficult period in life. It reminds us that there is happiness during times of sadness. It reminds us that good always wins over evil. It reminds us that there is more to life than work and money. It makes us humble. It makes us human.

May this tragedy make you kinder, more gentle, and forgiving. We are all trying to get through life one day at a time. This dark shadow that has been cast over the industry will not beat us down. We ask that musicians everywhere be cautious and keep an eye on each other. We are stronger than the weak who take the music away from us. Most importantly, be kind to each other. Music has no place for negativity.

This moment of darkness will make our community bond even stronger, and we will overcome. Our condolences go out to Christina’s family and friends at this time. Don’t forget to hug your friends and loved ones just a little bit tighter.

In honor of Christina Grimmie, we ask that you take a moment to enjoy her beautiful voice in remembrance.

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