Pink Talking Fish Brought Face Melting Bowie, Prince Tributes to Boston

Words by Sarah Bourque
Published April 24, 2016

Pink Talking Fish performed in front of a sold out crowd at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA on Saturday night. The original theme of “Pink Talking Fish Is Bowie” was switched up to include an incredible tribute to Prince, who recently passed away on April 21st. Pink Talking Fish fuses the songs of Phish, The Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd, which make for one hell of an entertaining performance. The band consists of Eric Gould on bass, Dave Brunyak on guitar, Zack Burwick on drums, and Richard James on keyboards.

The evening opened up with a brilliant performance of Prince’s “1999” that included a dazzling array of purple lights beamed around the venue. This was followed by “Fame,” to honor the recent passing of David Bowie. They flowed into a tight jam leading into Phish’s “Moma Dance.” The band was feeding off the energy from the audience. This tune featured a crunchy jam by Brunyak, who was looking very dapper in his vest and tie. Gould introduced the band before blasting into The Talking Heads “Slippery” which slammed head first into Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell.” First set was deep under way as the band progressed into a solid jam packed with juicy guitar and psychedelic keys, only to be finished off with tight drumming by Burwick.

Midway through first set, another Bowie tune crawled on stage as they busted into “Let’s Dance” with James on vocals. Close your eyes and you would think Bowie himself was in the building. They teased “Slippery People” before easing into an adventurous ride through “Gotta Jibboo” that was a blender performance which included “Golden Years” before sliding back into “Gotta Jibboo,” creating a delicious musical sandwich for the ears. Pink Floyd’s “Time” was followed by a tasty “Maze.” “Under Pressure” brought Hayley Jane to the stage to sing during this incredible tear jerker before going into the set closer, “Burning Down the House.”

Second set opened with a full-on in your face “Another Brick In The Wall” followed by an energetic “Runaway Jim.” The mood took a slower turn as they delved into “Heroes” and then flowed back into the reprise of “Runaway Jim.” A funkafied “Psycho Killer” brought the audience to full participation as fans filled the air with lyrics that practically overpowered the band’s singing. The venue was on high party alert and fully enjoying the unbelievable performance. The vibe calmed with an easy groove into “Mother.” “Tweezer” got everyone on their feet and screaming the lyrics as the steamy venue was reminded of the “cold, cold, cold.” Special guest Stephen Learson, of the opening band Indobox, was welcomed to the stage as he joined in on keys for “Tweezer,” as well as “Lazarus”.

Hayley Jane came back out for an incredible performance of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars.” Wow, wow, wow. The show was a nonstop evening of magical performances. “Once in a Lifetime” had the audience going nuts. “Wish You Were Here” mashed into “Space Oddity,” which produced another audience onslaught of participation as they sang right along with the band. The back and forth jamwich with “Space Oddity” and “Wish You Were Here” was absolutely insane! Second set came to a close with an appropriately fitting “David Bowie.”

The evening’s encore included “All The Young Dudes,” followed by the final reprise of “Tweezer.” The show ended with a packed stage crammed with Indobox, Hayley Jane, The Magnaterrestrial Dancers, as well as friends and family of Pink Talking Fish joining in during the final “Tweezer.” This was one of the hottest performances Pink Talking Fish has had to date. If you have not yet seen them, make sure to put them on your must see list of bands this year. They will blow your mind and melt your face.

For more information about Pink Talking Fish, including tour dates, please visit their official website.

Pink Talking Fish April 23, 2016. The Paradise Club, Boston, MA

Set 1:
David Bowie Intro*>
1999>Fame>Moma Dance, Slippery People>Run Like Hell>Let’s Dance>Slippery People, Gotta Jibboo>Golden Years>Gotta Jibboo, Time>Maze**, Under Pressure%, Burning Down The House**%^

Set 2:
Another Brick In The Wall>Runaway Jim>Heroes>Runaway Jim>Psycho Killer>Runaway Jim, Mother, Tweezer%%>Lazarus%%>Another Brick In The Wall, Life On Mars%, Once In A Lifetime**, Wish You Were Here/Space Oddity Mashup>David Bowie

All The Young Dudes%^^>, Tweezer Reprise%^^

*space intro and lead in only. Fakeout to 1999
**w David Bowie intro tease
%w/ Hayley Jane on vocals
%%w/ Stephen Learson on keyboards
^w/ The Magnaterrestrial Dancers
^^w/ The Magnaterrestrial Dancers, Indobox member & many other PTFamily members onstage joining in with audience chorus singalong