Show Review: Pink Talking Fish Featured Elise Testone On Opening Night of MayFest

Words by Sarah Bourque
Photography by Stephen Olker
Published on May 28, 2016

Set on the beautiful grounds of Surprise Lake Camp, in Cold Spring, New York, sits a gorgeous backdrop for this year’s 2nd annual MayFest. The main stage, with a stone seat amphitheater, rests across the road from a large lake, making it the perfect spot to watch the lights bouncing off the trees. Pink Talking Fish kicked off their summer tour on Friday, as they performed with special guest Elise Testone. She brought a tender side to the show with both her voice and beauty, as her sultry tones added an extra layer of depth throughout the night. Elise Testone

They eased into the evening with the psychedelic tones of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” They funkafied the groove with the Talking Heads’ “Nothing But Flowers,” as Richard James showed off his chops on the keys and Eric Gould slapped out deep notes on his bass. A tender moment took over as guitarist, Dave Brunyak, and Testone complimented each other with their harmonizing during Phish’s “If I Could.”

Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar” kept the pace going before heading into “Take Me To The River.” Testone’s power came through on this tune as she belted out the lyrics without hesitation. Fan favorite, “Tweezer,” came out to play midset. The band really opened up on this jam by letting loose with funky guitar, playful keys and tones that just jumped around with fun. Testone blew the lid off with her vocals as they eased into Floyd’s “Great Gig In the Sky” before busting into a key heavy “Burning Down the House.” Zack Burwick kept the beat rolling with his drums while Gould laid into heavy bass jamming and James took the ivories into another dimension.

Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times” made a surprising entry before “Another Brick in the Wall” crawled onto the stage to a cheering crowd. Brunyak showed the audience what he’s got in the tank as he chose the perfect song to let loose on his guitar. The band then picked up the pace as they slammed into the Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime,” with Gould on vocals. James kicked it into high gear, once again, as his fingers flew over the keys, keeping the audience dancing the night away. They flowed back into “Another Brick in the Wall,” before finishing with a piano heavy “Tweezer Reprise.”  MayFest

The ideal evening of music under the stars encored with “This Must Be the Place,” followed by “Eclipse” to end the night. Testone complimented Pink Talking Fish seamlessly, as her dynamic vocals not only commanded most of the set list for the evening, but harmonized impeccably as the other members joined her on melodies. PTF continues to keep fans surprised as guests join them on stage and unexpected songs appear on set lists. For tour dates on where they will be performing near you, please head to their official website.

Pink Talking Fish, with special guest Elise Testone. MayFest, Cold Spring, New York, May 27th, 2016.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond>Nothing But Flowers, If I Could, Have A Cigar>Take Me To The River>Tweezer>Great Gig In The Sky>Burning Down The House, Good Times Bad Times, Another Brick In The Wall>Life During Wartime>Another Brick In The Wall>Tweezer Reprise

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)>Eclipse

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