A Chat With All Things Reconsidered Host Andy Michels

ShowTheShow recently had the chance to sit down with Andy Michels, host of All Things Reconsidered on JEMP Radio. From it’s inception in 2014 as a personal digital streaming station for founder Race Allen, JEMP Radio has grown into a favorite digital radio station of many Phish and jam band fans.

All Things Reconsidered recently migrated to a live broadcast model rather than prerecorded, and has some big things in store for 2018. Host, Andy Michels will be introducing a new “game show” segment to the show this month. Several special guest will be making appearances on the show this year. Additionally, the show will be doing some on-location broadcasts from events and live streaming some great musical performances.

Andy Michels

ShowTheShow-Thanks for taking the time chat with us today. For those who haven’t heard All Things Reconsidered, what can you tell them about the show?

Andy Michels-I come from a background in podcasting and wanted to create a show that was somewhat of an anti-podcast, something geared more towards live radio format. So, All Things Reconsidered made it’s debut in June 2016 and is similar to a traditional radio show, we include talk segments, play music, hold contests, and beginning March 4 we will start taking calls from listeners live on-air.

STSAll Things Reconsidered recently moved to a new time slot and live format, are you enjoying the changes?

AM-I am enjoying the changes very much. Radio is a real passion for me, before I was ten years old I was recording fake radio shows with my friends, unintentionally mirroring the early days of one of my idols, Howard Stern. I have always had a big interest in live production, the atmosphere where anything can and will happen. Personally, with the live format I find myself far more motivated than when we were prerecording the show. The natural progression for All Things Reconsidered was to migrate to a live format, it really keeps me on my toes, what the listener hears is what is happening in the moment, no tape delay.

STS-You recently held a contest for up and coming bands, how was that received by your audience? What bands caught your ear?

AM-Several great bands submitted music, this is the second time we have held a contest like this. The diversity of styles of the bands that entered the contest may not all have been an exact fit for the listener base of All Things Reconsidered, but for the most part I think listeners enjoyed hearing new music. I really enjoyed Oddessey, Dysfunktone, and Vase Vide. It was a fun contest and we will likely be doing another similar contest in the future, perhaps with a slightly adjusted format.

STS-The debut of Pham Pheud on All Things Reconsidered is scheduled for February 18, what can listeners expect from this new segment on your show?

AM-Well, it’s going to be quite a production. We are taking the idea from a visual game show and translating it to radio essentially. It will be similar to Family Feud. We sent out surveys and received some amazing answers. The game will feature two teams of five, live on the show playing. We have had a ton of requests from potential contestants. Similar to our trivia game Maybe So, Maybe Not, it won’t be a weekly feature of the show, but a periodic production. Hopefully we can get some celebrity guests on the show in the future.

STS-Also, on February 18 you will be interviewing a special guest before Pham Pheud kicks off?

AM-Indeed, Scott Rogowsky from HQ Trivia will be popping in for an interview to chat HQ Trivia and Phish.

STS-You will also be hosting another guest on the show on February 25?

AM-Yes, very excited to have the very talented David Welker on the show for a chat about his career as an artist, his work with Phish, and more.

STSAll Things Reconsidered will be taking the show on-location and broadcasting from some live music events soon?

AM-Yes! We will be going live from Bell’s Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo on March 18 and live streaming Pink Talking Fish. Then on April 15 we will be broadcasting from Founders Taproom in Grand Rapids and live streaming Marco Benevento.


All Things Considered airs on Sundays at 7PM ET.
JEMP Radio’s full programming schedule can be found here.

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