Electric Forest To Return To Rothbury In 2018 And Introduces The EF Wish Machine

Returning to the legendary Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan in 2018 for the 8th time, the annual Electric Forest festival has announced that they will return for two consecutive weekends again next summer, June 21-24 and June 28 – July 1, after a successful outing in 2017.

In addition, Electric Forest is introducing a new fan participation initiative dubbed, “The EF Wish Machine,” which encourages the EF community to spread positivity, and in return, the chance to make their dreams in the Forest come true.

Per the Electric Forest website:

Kindness, radical acceptance, and good deeds are why The Forest is special. These values create freedom to discover ourselves, celebrate our beautiful differences and our unique gifts.

Goodness starts as a seed. do you have an idea for a good deed or an inspiration for an act of human kindness?…What you choose it up to you.

HQ will choose some efforts to travel full circle, and The Forest’s reward can be big or small. What is your daydream of Electric Forest 2018?…Whatever you hope will happen is fair game.

You can learn more about the EF Wish Machine here and stay tuned for a 2018 artist lineup and ticketing info from Electric Forest.

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