Holly Bowling Shares Insight Into Her Sheet Music & Jam Transcriptions

Ever since classically trained pianist Holly Bowling first burst onto the scene with her magnificent jam transcriptions of Phish’s Tahoe “Tweezer,” “The Wedge” from Chicago ’14 ,”Twist” from Glen Falls ’13 and then eventually moving into the catalog of the Grateful Dead, phans and fans alike have had a fascination with Bowling’s process and how she goes about choosing and creating the selections she does as well as when she improvises.

Luckily for us, Bowling has now shared some insight into what goes into her process via a detailed Facebook post with some great examples of sheet music attached. You can read the entire post below and be sure to take a look through her attached examples of jam transcriptions. Very interesting.

Bowling will be hitting the road hard this fall so be sure to consult her tour dates here to find out where you’ll be able to see her.

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