LISTEN: Spafford Releases All-Improv Album, ‘Abaculus’

Affirming the notion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Phoenix funk rock four-piece Spafford has just released a new album entitled, Abaculus: An Improvisational Experience.

Defined as, “a small tile of glass, marble, or other substance, of various colors, used in making ornamental patterns in mosaic pavements,” Abaculus came to be after the band hit a bit of a roadblock during a rehearsal earlier this summer. Returning to their roots, they plugged in and just began to jam, each member trading off and taking turns through alternative leads, melodies and movements. The results were staggering and above all else: pure.

Listen to Spafford’s improvisational-driven album, Abaculus, below via Spotify. The album is also available now through iTunes and AppleMusic.

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