Pink Talking Fish At 5 Points Music Sanctuary

Words by Jam Band Purist

I had been hearing about Pink Talking Fish for sometime; the mash-up of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish was quite appealing to me, as I am a huge fan of all three bands and know almost every song in each catalog. Pink Talking Fish did not disappoint, delivering a unique blend of material.

5 Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke, Virginia is one of the coolest I venues have been to in a long time. 5 Points is a renovated church, where the spirit of music can truly be felt. While it wasn’t Sunday, it sure felt like it to me. The sound was crisp, clear and perfect; the light show illuminated the venue like an alter to the music gods themselves. The staff and security were all super friendly and helpful. The venue offers outstanding music programs not only to the local Roanoke community, the local music scene, and the Virginia music scene as a whole. If you are a Virginia resident or even a band looking for an awesome venue to play, 5 Points is a must see.

Pink Talking Fish opened up with a “Wedge” that had a lot of energy before quickly transitioning into “Have A Cigar,” the Pink Floyd classic, which had the entire crowd on their feet. The solos and changes were all exact. A thread of originality ran throughout the entire set and into “Girlfriend Is Better,” which is possibly my favorite Talking Heads song ever. The set list and play-by-play can be found below. “Take Me To The River” felt very spiritual as the lights shone brilliantly throughout the sanctuary.

The second set was high powered with a significant boost in energy from the band. Their crescendos/build ups were bristling with raw energy and improvisation, taking PTF to the next level. “Run Like Hell” was jammed out beyond proportions and the rest of the set was a heady alchemical combination of classic Talking Heads and Pink Floyd songs, mixed professionally with Phish.

Great musicianship all around from the quartet comprised of guitarist Dave Brunyak, keyboardist Richard James, drummer Zack Burwick and Eric Gould on bass. None of these songs are easy to play and Pink Talking Fish does a fine job presenting them in a fun and original way. I am sure I will be catching them again in the future and of course, I will be returning to 5 Points Music Sanctuary every chance I get.

Pink Talking Fish
5 Points Music Sanctuary
Roanoke, VA

Set 1: The Wedge, Have A Cigar> Girlfriend Is Better> Colonel Forbin’s Ascent> Time> Breathe Reprise> Famous Mockingbird, Take Me To The River> Sheep> Down With Disease> Sheep> Life During Wartime
Set 2: Run Like Hell> Making Flippy Floppy> Free> Us And Them> Pull Up The Roots> Waves> Astronomy Domini> What A Day That Was
Encore: First Tube


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